Friday, February 25, 2011


This little doodle has been living in secrecy for a couple of months now as it was a preliminary sketch for this awesome project I got to take part in. Well, that project is entering its final stages and this guy didn't quite make the cut. Rest assured that he's not at all as resentful as he appears to be.

Viking Octopus: His Badassery is Unparalleled

Have a great weekend fellow viking octopus enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts. Mine's already gotten off to a promising start since I just purchased and am currently wearing a bunny print scarf. Super wardrobe win. Also, if you're curious...that aforementioned project should be announced shortly-ish.

[A Cool Norse Phrase],


  1. how could this ADORABLE guy didnt make it into a project?!
    (&, can I call it 'adorable', or do u think he'd eat me for saying this?)

  2. Haha! Nah, he won't eat you..he's a pescetarian. :)