Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Teddy Bear Thursday

I have a whole bunch of extra illustrations stockpiled in a folder from another art project I did. They are of the fuzzy-wuzzy variety and I thought they might find a nice home here on the blog. So, how does Teddy Bear Thursday sound?

This is my ideal bear. He's fairly small and super cozy. Though he's in black and white here, I picture him as having a burgundy frame speckled with silly patches here and there. He has paw pads and a chubby belly of tan suede. His eyes are made of buttons and his nose is black velvet. Best of all, his noggin is massive.

More bears (and other sorts of posts) to come!


  1. Teddy Bear Thursday, a great idea? Or the greatest idea? =D

  2. Geared up more for an infant is Nursery Rhyme Pal Pat-a-Cake Bear and trust me when I tell you they'll love it just the same, no matter the age your child is. J├Ąttinalle

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