Sunday, April 15, 2012

N is for Nimble!

I was particularly excited to sit down and draw this next doodle as it's dedicated to a special feline friend of mine. She was first introduced in this post. And we've since become bffs. In fact, we've developed quite a morning routine. Nimble wakes me up at 6:50AM, I pet her, she sits at my feet as I brush my teeth and then I give her a generous helping of canned food. Afterwards, we go our separate ways and the process repeats the next day. I've grown quite fond of her! And so:

N is for Nimble.

Tiny, Cranky Nimble Cat

(More about the Nimbster: Her hind legs don't work very well so she really does scuttle. She likes to eat grass. She can make her legs disappear. When she's happy, she'll squirm around on her back. And her eyes make her look perpetually cranky.)

She's pretty much the BEST.

Until next time,

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