Monday, August 27, 2012

S is for Scooter!

Hey, guess what? We adopted another munchkin (pup). Please meet our one-eyed wonder, Scooter. Despite a rocky past, he's as sweet and as soft as a marshmallow. He loves to romp, tumble, snuggle and, of course, scoot. He's also Bobo's little shadow. Oh, pups.  

And look, what great timing for the doodlebet. 

S is for...Scooter! 

Scooter (right): Hi hi hi, can I sniff your butt?

Scooter: Tail tail tail chew tail chew chew.
Bobo: Toy toy chew toy toy. 

Scooter: Snuggle snuggle snuggle.
Bobo: Snooooooooooore.

Bobo + Scooter: Snort snort snore snort snuggle.

Until next time,